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We aim to best serve the interests of our clients, whether French or international, in the context of transactional operations and complex disputes, national or  crossborders.  


Our experienced team, is able to help our clients in the most sensitive cases and to accompany them at each stage in order to to follow the evolution up until complete resolution or closing.


Our activity  operates mainly in Europe and Africa, in various sectors such as telecoms, chemicals, media, energy, real estate and agri-food.


Corporate law represents a  significant part of our activity. We assist companies of all sizes, French, African and international, in their investment strategy, external growth but also restructuring.


The skills of our firm generally cover mergers and acquisitions,   Private Equity, structuring relations between shareholders and, to a greater extent, all subjects of corporate law.


We also work on specific corporate governance structuring files for French or foreign groups.


We support our clients in the development of their projects and activities in connection with public and para-public administrations and entities.


We assist our clients in regulated economic sectors such as energy, telecommunications, transport, personal data etc.

Public business law

Public business law constitutes an important part of our activity. We support our clients in their projects and complex legal transactions linked to orders and public contracts (PPP, concession contracts, market etc.), both on the African and European continent.

We are particularly focused on certain areas, namely the telecommunications, energy, roads and logistics sectors, as well as the mining sector.

Litigation & Arbitration

We assist our clients before European and African courts. We strive to implement, with our clients, a strategic approach to the issue at stake in order to be able to offer innovative solutions linked to the interests of our clients to facilitate an exit from the crisis in the best possible conditions.


We intervene in most areas of business litigation, in France and abroad on cases involving:


  • Contractual liability

  • Public litigation

  • Repressive litigation

  • Administrative sanctions

  • Collection and enforcement of foreign judgments or awards


Our recognized litigation practice allows us to best help our clients.

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